Det har vært en veldig kald sesongstart, men forhåpentligvis snur det fra helgen!

Nyhetsbrev fra Course Manager


Hvor lang unna er vi å åpne hull 1?

Dear Members

As I write this today we have just gone our 3rd day without a frost. This is a big step forward for us as we now see the daily mean temperature rise. To date we have only had 2 days with the average temperature over 10 degrees.

Last week we closed the course Wednesday and Thursday due to snow coverage, this has not set things back, however we haven’t really progressed much either.

On the course, we hollow cored the weaker areas on greens and top dressed heavily last week. Yesterday we seeded these areas, and with good temperatures we should see a significant improvement in the coming weeks.


The plans for the coming days are:

  • Granular application of fertiliser on greens and approaches.
  • Plugging some problem areas on greens.
  • General cutting and maintenance.

This Saturday the training area and green 1 will open for play. At the moment, we are still being cautious with our greens height of cut (4.5mm). It is essential that we are careful until we see consistent growth! We have purchased new Groomers for the greens, and plan to use them next week. The groomers effectively remove the longer leaf blades that are lying across the surface of the green, in golfer terms this will help with friction between the ball and turf which means faster greens.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful national day! I will be back soon with another update.

Best Regards
Duncan and Team.